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19 February 2009 @ 01:25 am
Back from Hiatus  
Sorry! I kind of took a unannounced hiatus and I plan to be back in action ready for the release of Super Junior's 3rd Album. I didn't really mean to... Just that life got pretty complicated and busy. Although it's not excuse to go on hiatus unannounced like that, I'm very sorry and I hope this doesn't really happen again.

Since there are of course many Super Junior communities and whatnot, there are not many that really allow rumors and stuff like that. I guess that might be a good thing, but there are so many rumors that I pick up on when going to see the boys in person and whatnot. Some of which is very very valuable and I've been wanting to share with people for ages. If you aren't really into this sort of thing, you're totally free to leave, but I'd be really thankful for those of you who continue to support the community! (: Of course there will still be translations and whatnot, that won't change.

I'm also looking for people who want to help upload stuff to the community. I'm starting to realize that this is impossible to do by myself. It would be preferable to know minimal Korean, but that's not really that necessary. ^-^ Looking for translators, photo uploaders, video uploaders... Really anyone who would like to help... Send an application to my email (hy.heeyoung@gmail.com)


How long have you liked SJ:
What would you help with?:
Do you know any Korean?:
Anything else you wanna say to me:

Other than that, I hope you guys will help support the community and spread the news about this community!  We're just past 100 members (thank you so much for your past support) and I hope we'll continue to grow (: