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31 October 2008 @ 07:51 am
10/7 'Joahsuh' to be a regular show  

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The SBS pilot show, aired on September 14 as a Chuseok special, that taught how to become a better father through experience project has been formally decided to become a regular show.

The pilot for 'Joahsuh'* featured five guys who knew nearly nothing about raising children, Kim Gunmo, Yoo Saeyoon, Lee Hongki, Kim Heechul, and Kim Hyungbum. It was a reality program on how they raised a very unpersonal elementary school aged girl. The pilot was very well received by the viewers, so the decision was made to make it a regular show. The next air date is yet to be decided upon. On the 14th, the staff and all participants of the show will go into filming.

Kim Gunmo is the bad, but if you look closely a warm hearted king father, Yoo Saeyoon is the tough, but cowers in front of the daughter low father, Kim Hyungbum is the mistaked as a mixed races father, idol star Kim Heechul and Lee Hongki since they are young definitely hold the friend like father roles.

*'Joahsuh': name of the show-- meaning 'because I like you' or something to that effect.

credit: eunhyuk @ SJTRANSLATIONS (translation), moneytoday (source).